People who think she was raped, watch this again. Please.

I do not deny that Hannibal used her to some extent, but he didn’t make her stay.

She stayed after the dinner party, she didn’t have to.

She kissed him first, then he waited to make sure she wouldn’t pull away before he kissed her again.

She stayed the night.

Slept through because she was drugged so Hannibal could leave.

She stayed the morning and volunterily made Jack aware that she would be his alibi.

Alana has liked Hannibal and Hannibal has liked Alana since before the timeline of the show started.

"we have many reasons to do this"

This has not come out of nowhere.


Hannibal Lecter didn’t rape Alana Bloom and everybody needs to stop correlating the act of them doing the frick frack with that because you can’t accept Hannibal Lecter’s depth as a character, you dislike the pairing, or this manipulation is somehow worse than any of his others, and this is the only meta I’m writing on the topic.

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"All of this has been my design."
Hannibal mid-season trailer/teaser

You all need to watch this. *boost*


Hannibloom= You realized the relationship is fucked up at the very beginning, but you can still enjoy every second they share together on screen.  

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Breakfast Hanni + the red jumper of sex

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swevenoia asked: what would you suggest for a "Hannibal"reading list ?


oh god so many things

  • The canon: Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, Hannibal Rising.


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Everyone abusing Hannibal Lecter to our great satisfaction

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